Jenifer Lower

Bio: About Me | Jenifer Lower My youthful optimism, enthusiasm, integrity, creative drive combined with my instinctive ability to identify my client's desires is refreshing in this highly automated market we live in today. Customers service is my business, it is what I do. As an avid outdoors enthusiast, I have a well earned appreciation for the state my family and I made home. Any of my friends and family will convey that I do not wait for opportunities I take them, create, and run. . I strive for both parties to reach a "Win, Win," situation, and to be satisfied with the outcome of the real estate transaction. I educated my friends and clients on the market place and how their decisions will affect them in the short and long run no matter how positive or negative they may be. Real estate can be a rewarding experience whether you are buying or selling, but it is imperative to develop extensive knowledge of today's real estate, and what it has to offer. As Gallatin Valleys local real estate specialist, I am devoted to providing you with up to date information on your real estate market and providing you with a rewarding experience. I will educate you on all of the aspects of the current market that could possibly influence your decision, such as; current market conditions, property values, loans created to tailor your needs, neighborhoods that cater to your lifestyle, and an infinite list of information that can determine your decision. My aptitude and networking ability within the Gallatin area has produced an incomparable comprehensive knowledge of the Bozeman area real estate market, which is essential in providing you with an enjoyable real estate experience. I am devoted to providing you and your family with the service you deserve, by exercising my effective marketing tactics, energy, communication and negotiation skills. By partnering with me, I bring these extra benefits to you: Customer service is my business. I take initiative to create opportunities for my clients. I educate clients, and friends on the market place and the future consequences of potential purchases...positive or negative. I use widely viewed avenues of advertising for my clients. I use technology to my advantage.

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